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Custom FTDI cable , use Ours, spend less


Why pay more for a same use cable ? Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd presents our custom FTDI cables – engineered for excellence, priced for accessibility. We’ve streamlined our manufacturing processes to curtail unnecessary expenses, passing the savings directly to you. With our cables, you’re not just investing in reliable, high-speed data transmission; you’re embracing the smart choice for your budget. It’s time to connect with confidence and save with every link.

  • Europe/ North American Chip — Advance choice except high spend
  • China Taiwan Chip — Cheap , no signal loss (Lenhar’s choice)
  • China mainland Chip — Cheap ,signal seldom loss


What is FTDI, use for


You should understand what is FTDI cable, it’s just a conversion chip, don’t think it’s mysterious

Old version ports to present port, compatible signal transfer

RS232 to RS485

Vedio to Voice

Low speed to high speed

Information Cross-Linking

Model to Model

High voltagle to low voltage

LED Coloring code control


Types you can order from us


  • CH340T-USB-to-TTL
  • FTDI-chip-Type-C-cable
  • FTDI-Interphone-cable
  • FTDI-Type-C-to-dupont
  • FTDI-USB-to-DC3.5mm
  • FTDI-USB-to-RS232-CH340
  • FTDI-USB-to-RS232
  • FTDI-USB-to-RS485
  • Type-C-with-FTDI-chip-conversion-cable
  • USB-A-FTDI-chip-cable
  • USB-chip-USB-to-RJ45
  • Vag-K-Can-Commander-1.4-with-FTDI-FT232RL

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