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At Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd, we specialize in the production and design of custom circular cables. Our range includes a variety of circular connectors, typically featuring both assembly components and injection molding options. We cater to specific client requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for every application.

Our circular connectors come in numerous types, with popular brands like Amphenol and Lemo being part of our extensive catalog. We offer a variety of sizes, including M5, M8, M12, M16, M19, M20, M23, M25, and 7/8 connectors. For the PIN component, we generally recommend machined over stamped, as it provides superior quality. Most pins are gold-plated, a choice driven by their frequent use in harsh environments where gold plating ensures minimal oxidation.

Custom circular cables must meet diverse requirements, especially in terms of wire specifications. A common choice is ordinary PVC for the outer sheath. However, for outdoor applications or environments with high saline content, we suggest materials with enhanced weather resistance like TPU. For industrial machinery, a softer wire such as PUR is often the best choice, balancing flexibility with durability. At Lenhar, we are committed to providing cables that meet both the functional and environmental demands of our clients’ diverse applications.

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