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Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd excels in the production and design of custom computer cables. While these cables are essentially standard components, customization plays a key role in their design. A typical computer system includes essential cables like power cables, motherboard cables, hard drive cables (such as SATA cables), fan cables, and central processor cables. The customization of these cables usually focuses on aspects like length and color, as their circuitry is predefined and unalterable.

When it comes to connectors, each type of cable in a computer system typically has its preferred connector style. For instance, fan cables often use JST connectors, a popular choice for their reliability and compact size. The CPU cables frequently feature Molex connectors, known for their durability and strong electrical performance. The power cables usually come with a 3-pin power socket, ensuring secure and stable connections. Additionally, the external power cables and SATA cables for hard drives are integral to the efficient operation of computer systems.

At Lenhar, we understand the importance of precision in computer cable manufacturing. Our focus on quality, coupled with the ability to customize key features like length and color, ensures that our clients receive cables that perfectly fit their specific requirements, contributing to the optimal performance of their computer systems.

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