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Lenhar Electronic Specializing in the production and design of custom Ribbon cables, we at Lenhar cater to a spectrum of industries with our versatile cabling solutions. Our Ribbon cables are typically available in UL2651 flat cable series, with gauges ranging commonly between 26# and 28#. Custom sizes are readily available to meet unique specifications.

FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) options are predominantly utilized for video signal connections. Their thin profile and space-saving design make them ideal for compact electronic assemblies, offering both functionality and efficiency in tight spaces.

In the 5G sector, FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) cables are extensively employed, particularly for applications like Type C high-speed data transfer. This usage is attributed to the FPC’s ability to be customized with numerous fine conductors, necessary for high-speed data capabilities. The FPC cables are typically golden-yellow in color and can be further customized with an injection molding TPE exterior, giving them a more traditional cable appearance. Some clients may opt out of this injection molding, which is viable as long as the delicate solder joints are well-protected. Given the FPC’s fine conductors, safeguarding these points is crucial. A protective measure like encapsulating the joints with UV-curable adhesive can be employed.

Another challenge in FPC assembly is the soldering process due to the minimal pitch between conductors. Our advanced Hot Bar soldering technique ensures reliable bonding, maintaining the integrity and performance of the delicate FPC connections.

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