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At Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd, we specialize in the production and design of custom coiled (Spiral) cables. These cables are notably versatile and are extensively used in various applications like USB interfaces, medical devices, two-way radios, and in-vehicle charging. You might have often seen these aesthetically pleasing, curly cables in everyday life. Their ability to stretch and retract makes them a compact and convenient solution.

The key advantage of coiled cables lies in their space-saving design. They are not only visually appealing but also offer the practicality of extended use through stretching. However, a common issue with these cables is a loss of elasticity over time. At Lenhar, we address this challenge by implementing strict standards for stretchability and material quality. This ensures that our clients receive durable and resilient products.

The durability of coiled cables starts with the core wire beneath the jacket. We opt for high-quality insulation materials like FEP or PP, which enhance the cable’s longevity. In terms of conductors, we choose a higher strand count for a given size to ensure flexibility and strength. For the outer material, TPU and TPE are our preferred choices due to their superior properties. Many manufacturers use PVC for spring cables, which can lead to several issues. At Lenhar, we focus on quality and performance to deliver coiled cables that stand the test of time and use.

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