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Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd designs and manufactures custom auto cable assemblies, including new energy vehicle cables, truck harnesses, and automotive modification harnesses. Our primary focus is on crafting automotive wire harnesses tailored to individual customer requirements, ensuring a client-centric approach that fulfills specific needs. This commitment to customization allows us to provide solutions that precisely align with our clients’ unique demands in the automotive sector.

Types of Auto Cable cable assembly

XLPE New energy large cable harness
These categories encompass a range of specialized wire harnesses designed for various applications within the automotive industry. Each type is crafted to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in their respective uses.

What connector brands Lenhar use for Auto Cable assembly

The automotive industry features a variety of connector brands, each known for their quality and reliability. Some of the prominent brands include:
TE Connectivity: Renowned for its high-performance and durable automotive connectors.
Molex: Offers a wide range of connectors for various automotive applications.
Delphi (now Aptiv): Known for innovative automotive connection systems.
Yazaki: Specializes in automotive electrical and data communication components.
Sumitomo Wiring Systems: Recognized for their electrical distribution systems in vehicles.
Amphenol: Provides advanced interconnect systems for automotive applications.
Bosch: While known for automotive parts, they also produce quality connectors.
Deutsch (part of TE Connectivity): Known for rugged connectors used in harsh environments.
Hirose Electric: Offers a variety of connectors, including those for automotive applications.

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