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Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd: Specializing in the production and design of custom military cables, Lenhar understands the sensitive nature of military-grade wire harnesses. Although many market-available harnesses with military green connectors are labeled as military-grade, the actual requirements for such cables are more complex, particularly in countries with restrictions on military material procurement. To navigate these restrictions, we have implemented measures, including declaring our materials as non-military grade during procurement, ensuring compliance and versatility.

Military cable applications are diverse and fascinating. We have experience in manufacturing cables for various military applications, including motor drives, drones, and radar systems. These projects often require unique materials, adding an intriguing dimension to our work. For instance, we have provided clients with PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone) molded frame harnesses. These frames, designed for specialized use, also require coating to prevent reflection, showcasing our ability to tailor materials and designs to specific military needs.

At Lenhar, our expertise in customizing cables extends to meeting the stringent requirements of military applications, balancing the need for high-quality, specialized materials with adherence to regulatory standards. Our approach is focused on delivering robust, reliable solutions tailored to the unique demands of military technology.

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