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Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing custom cable assemblies. Serving a diverse range of industries, from electronics to automotive, industrial to home appliances, and from measurement to medical fields, our bespoke wire harnesses cater to a variety of applications. Whether the need is for DC or AC, or transitioning from 3G to 5G, our clients can rely on us for tailor-made cable assembly solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Cable is not Cable assembly

Cable and cable assemblies are distinct, a common misconception among many clients who often turn to cable suppliers. These suppliers have their own standards for drawing wires. For instance, European countries typically use square measurements to describe the size of cable conductors, while North American customers usually refer to AWG (American Wire Gauge) for wire conductor sizes. However, cable assembly is actually a downstream product of cable. It involves cutting the cable to length, followed by termination at both ends as per the client’s needs. Termination requires selecting appropriate connectors and terminals. In the cable assembly industry, there are standards like IPC that dictate the processing standards for cable assemblies. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand that a cable provider might not be equipped to properly assemble your cable assembly to meet these specific standards.

Cable assembly manufacturing

The cable assembly manufacturing process includes wire cutting, insulation stripping, wire stripping, splice, twisting, tinning, soldering, inner mold shaping, wire twisting, terminal crimping, sleeving, loop testing, tubing, cable tying, injecti onmolding, labeling, conduit threading, coiling, packaging, and AQL Inspection. However, not every process incorporates all these steps. The specific workflow is determined by the client’s design requirements, ensuring a customized approach to each cable assembly project.