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OBDII Splitter universal cable manufacturing

OBDII Splitter universal cable manufacturing actually matcing automotive (car) J1962 ports agreement. Universal OBD cable including often design with one OBDII male connector and two or more OBDII female connectors. Cables option including Multiple core cable jacket like UL2464 16core or flat ribbon 16core cable,some of customers need individual leads with sleeved braiding tube with shrinking adhesived tube on both ends.Whatever Lenhar recomend to use our overmolded types to have better quality guratee, example premolded with PE and overmolded with black PVC.

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OBDII universal splitter Y cable manufacturing


Why we say Universal OBDII splitter cable as “Universal”

Universal means meet multiple car OBDII ports. Universal OBDII splitter cables main functionally use for Transfer adapting signals. The pins diagram design is popular pin to pin, branches 2-4 splitters female connectors use for one car or a GPS device to multiple ports,using by an universal splitter female often can be as different meet cars ports, which brackets desgin are different but use ours can replace different brackets set as different female OBD. To be compatible with multiple ports an Universal splitter OBDII cables are good option to use ours.

Universal OBDII cable and splitter


OBDII Splitter universal cable car application

An universal OBDII splitter cable shall be compatible with multiple car ports,Lenhar Electronic probide for:

FordBMW MiniIveco
LexusChryslerMany more…

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OBDII universal brackets


How to use Lenhar’s OBDII bracket to apply your car

Lenhar company designed appx.15types brackets to match different customers’needs to meet various car ports,these brackets are easily to install and remove, to replace a new one for your different cars we designed a quick remove tool and 2 latches for installations. This vedio can teach you how to install and replace a new bracket for your vehicles or GPS device.

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OBDII cable Custom made Quick service

Lenhar Electronic provide custom made OBD cables, any further request please download our OBDII catalogue

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If you need a different design
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Other OBDII and J1939 adapters

Other OBDII Connector and cable adapater

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