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At Lenhar Electronic MFG Ltd, we are adept in producing and designing custom D-Sub cables. Our range of D-Sub cables starts from as few as 9 pins to as many as 128 pins. It’s important to note that the more pins a cable has, the more time-consuming the soldering process becomes. This is especially true for Micro D-Sub connectors, which are particularly intricate due to their small pitch of just 1.27mm.

D-Sub connectors are available in two main types: assembled and molded. The same categorization applies to Micro D-Sub connectors. However, for Micro D-Subs in the assembled form, electronic wires are more commonly used, whereas the standard D-Sub connectors with a 2.54mm pitch typically utilize cable.

The applications of standard D-Sub and Micro D-Sub connectors vary greatly. The former is often used for video signal transmission, while the latter finds its use in more specialized fields like drones and military applications. We have provided custom-designed solutions for both types. For Micro D-Sub connectors, we even offer additional UV glue protection for the solder points, showcasing our commitment to delivering professional, high-quality solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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